Wayne treats his real estate business the way that he treats me: ethically, transparently, professionally and respectfully. If you are looking for someone who will present things the way they really are and work hard to get the job done, this is he. – Albert K.- 2015

We decided to use Wayne Taylor after having a less-than satisfying experience with our last local real estate agent. We had bought properties before, but were for investment purposes. Now it was time to buy our dream house, so we knew we wanted someone with integrity, and some real-world experience. He exceeded our expectations! In fact the service provided was more professional and we felt better represented than in past transactions. We will definitely call Wayne to buy or sell our next place! – G. Gupta, 2015

Wayne is well-versed in face-to-face interactions. His wide range of experience in teaching, retail, corporate sales, and community outreach has equipped him with extensive people skills that are essential in today’s real estate world. Wayne maintains integrity and the confidentiality of those with whom he works at all times. Above all else, Wayne never defaults on his morals or values, even if it means doing extra work. Wayne believes in one reputation, and he will guarantee that he gives you the best. J. Liau, 2015

Whether you’re in the market for your first home, selling your home, or upgrading to your dream home, you’ll need someone who’s on your side and who you can trust. I’ve known Mr. Taylor in a number of contexts and can vouch for his professionalism, integrity, and his passion for always doing what’s right. Wayne will always go that extra mile to ensure that he is delivering on expectations. And, best of all, he’ll get you an outcome that you’ll be hard-pressed to get from anyone else. – R. Ross, 2015

I have dealt with Wayne on many occasions. He has always acted with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Wayne is knowledgeable, and a tremendous resource on top of being a truly empathetic and caring individual. – C. Bekkers, 2015