North Delta Was Greater Vancouver’s Best Kept Real Estate Secret

Until I wrote this post, North Delta was the highest value and best priced real estate market in Greater Vancouver. Why do I say that? Simple. Value.

If you sum it all up, real estate is a constant pull between the physical home (ie. size, kind, age, etc) and location (where the land is the real estate is stuck on). The nicer, the newer, and the closer the home is to where people seem to want to live, the higher the price.

North Delta, like it’s geographically sister city New Westminster, brings a central location (much better than other more expensive areas of South Surrey for example) to the whole lower mainland, a lot of really nice neighbourhoods, and a price that is, for the most part, not going to bury you and your future generations in debt.


As a local North Deltoid (don’t try to tell me that’s incorrect terminology), I can say for sure that I have had a great experience and do not regret my decision and many of our friends and family are now making the move.

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